Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hi there! I know it had been a very long time since I wrote my last post. I had been so busy with my study life till I forgot about my years blog diary I may called. Well hello everyone! Today I'm gonna write about my new business.

Yessss new business! I name my baby business as NUR QALISSA SCARVES. *smile*

We offered variety of colours!! && coming soon would release limited printed shawl and instant shawl terbaru! For the next batch instant shawl is different and limited! Even the printed also limited because I choose the best pattern so far. Well, I am very particular with my design. 

The price? Of course the price are reasonable and affordable! Yes, we use a very high material of quality chiffon. & Jahitan tudung tu we used baby seam! Jahitan yang sangatlah kemas. Before this I ada defect sikit pun I tak puas hati and ask them untuk jahit semula. Haah I cerewet sikit. 

The model? HE HE HE. I mixed it. Thank you so much to my pretty model because make time for me. And after some time, me myself become the model because my model busy with their study too.

Okay here we go. How to purchase my shawl? Easy! Pergi dekat my instagram at nurqalissa. And then follow. Dan lepastuuu serbu!  

Thank you for reading! ;)

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